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Bitcoin tumbler or how to increase the anonymity of Bitcoin

Some companies that analyze the blockchain make information publicly available. And who can guarantee that the information does not go to intruders? In this case, the Bitcoin tumbler is the best solution.

Basics of service operation

The Bitcoin cryptocurrency was declared entirely anonymous, but the current implementation of the project is rather pseudo-anonymous. The pseudo-anonymity of Bitcoin is due to the open blockchain registry, in which anyone can track other users’ transactions.

Bitcoin tumblers are particular services that mix the bitcoins of different users during a transaction, thereby “confusing” the traces from the sender to the recipient.

For conscientious users, bitcoin mixers can be a means of maintaining anonymity. After all, transfers in the Bitcoin network are only pseudo-anonymous – that is, thanks to cryptography in the blockchain, the personal data of users are not disclosed. However, traces remain that can still reveal the identity of the cryptocurrency holder. This process is aimed at increasing the anonymity and confidentiality of cryptocurrency transactions. If you want to remain anonymous, the coins must be mixed every time you send funds to a new source or receive cryptocurrency – again from an unknown source.

How to use the tumbler efficiently?

There are the following rules for the use of mixing platforms:

  • When using Bitcoin tumbler, an Internet connection through a proxy is recommended;
  • Each resource provides a letter of guarantee containing the wallet number and code. This information grants proof of the owner’s rights to the coins sent for mixing;
  • Additional methods of increasing confidentiality – controlled withdrawal, deposit division into parts, and additional withdrawal addresses.

So, many anonymous cryptocurrencies work on a more advanced algorithm that breaks the connection between the sender and the recipient. In other cryptocurrencies like Bitcoin, users must take care of their privacy independently; therefore, the tumbler is a good alternative.

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