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BitiCodes – The latest top-notch automated trading software

A crypto trading robot is a software designed to analyze cryptocurrency market trading data. Once you acquire one, you ought to customize it according to your needs and preferences. Then the software will analyze market conditions and automatically complete the trades.

In this article, we review one of the best trading robots available. It’s Biti Codes automated trading software dedicated to cryptocurrency traders.

BitiCodes is a platform that allows you to start trading and investing in cryptocurrency seamlessly and easily.

With BitiCodes, you have the most powerful tool to create a trading strategy for popular cryptocurrency pairs, back-testing any idea and instantly seeing its profitability. We suggest checking the detailed  BitiCodes review for available crypto assets to trade.

Copy trading

With its advanced trading tools, you have at your disposal a unique portfolio of trading strategies that consist only of trading robots based on technical analysis and indicators with individual settings for each crypto pair.

The a posteriori control of these portfolios allowed us to build constant profitability each month.

Trading Automation

A flexible way to create orders consists of adding Take Profit and Stop Loss to any order on the exchanges. You can manage as many trading accounts as you wish at the same time with automatic execution of a trade on all accounts and let the BitiCodes software do the trading work for you.

Why choose BitiCodes trading software?

With the many crypto trading robots on the market, it can be difficult for a beginner to choose the best one. Therefore, you must be aware of certain factors when making your choice.

  • Reliability: Trust is key to success. The trading robot must be functional and reliable over time.
  • Profitability: Care must be taken to do business with a company with some of the best strategies and software.
  • Ease and cost of use: the performance of your investments will largely depend on the cost of using the software in relation to its efficiency.
  • Transparency: All operating software details should be clearly stated.
  • Compatibility: it must be able to work and be compatible with the platforms you use.

BitCodes is trustful and highly secured software that covers all the above-mentioned critical points.

The platform enables direct access to a wide range of cryptocurrencies. Investors can view all available trading instruments at a click of a button, track open positions, and hide unnecessary elements. The platform is customizable to fit the traders’ requirements and preferences.

Many people are afraid of depositing large amounts of money. With BitiCodes, you can venture into one of the most profit-driven markets with only $250.

BitiCodes is developed to seize multiple trading opportunities in a matter of seconds with its highly accurate quantum computing machine and strong algorithm. So far, the platform is trusted by over 560 000 traders, offering one of the most effortless trading experiences.

If you’re searching for consistent profits, we highly recommend BitiCodes for both beginner and seasoned traders. BitiCodes is one of the most trustworthy software that emerged in a long time. Moreover, it’s also one of the most convenient and effortless trading solutions. BitiCodes platform is a must-have for both beginner and experienced traders regarding the accuracy, security, and even customer support.

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